Life at Polyvore

Catered lunch

Food is one of life's great pleasures. In our Mountain View office, we cater lunch every day and unleash our team on nearby restaurants every other Friday.

Delicious food

Our office kitchen is stocked with delicious snacks, organic fruit and all kinds of drinks. At our last count, we had 30 drink options (everything from Coke Zero to coconut water to Korean citron tea) x 39 snack options (cereal, turkey jerkey, raspberries, fruit juice gummies) = 1170 possible drink and snack options!

Lots of light

Nobody likes working in a dark cave. Our offices are big and airy and have lots of windows. On nice summer days, we eat outside in the sunshine.

Attack of the plants

Everyone needs O2 to survive. We have 159 plants decorating the office. Our office is a jungle.

Easy commuting

Our Mountain View office is conveniently located 252 feet (77 meters) from the Mountain View Caltrain station. Yes, we measured. To make commuting as easy as possible, we also offer free Caltrain passes. Our New York office is in Soho, within 2 blocks of the B, D, F, M, N, R and 6 subway lines.

Fun Happy Hours

We have Happy Hours every other Thursday at 4:30. It's usually just casual food and drinks, but sometimes we have special themes, ranging from ice cream sundae throwdowns to Pub Night to blind beer tastings to The Polyvore Olympics to ping pong tournaments to Cinco de Mayo

Fun people

Our team is filled with interesting people who have diverse hobbies ranging from puzzle hunting to Star Wars to playing rock concerts in arenas to dog rescue to the zombie apocalypse.

Great benefits

We offer free medical, dental and vision coverage for you and your family. It costs $0 for great plans that covers you & your family.

Work-life balance

We believe that happy, balanced people who have time for their families and hobbies make for more productive employees. We think death marches and constantly working weekends are an unsustainable way of life. To achieve work-life balance, we do a few things well and prioritize what really matters.