Work Style

Small teams

We believe in small, scrappy teams that move fast, have a lot of freedom and out-execute larger companies.


The best ideas win, and the best ideas can come from anywhere within the company.

Flat org

We dislike strict hierarchies and long management chains. Everyone is empowered to suggest change.

Fast decisions

We believe in fast, consultative decision-making. This means everyone’s opinion is heard but one person ultimately decides. This is different from consensus-driven decision-making, where everyone has to agree and anyone can veto. Consensus-driven decision-making is the leading cause of slow development and a watered down vision.

Fail fast

We believe in aiming high and picking projects that we think will move the needle. We have an entrepreneurial environment, meaning we take risks, fail fast, learn and iterate.


Information flows freely and openly throughout Polyvore because we believe greater access to information fosters a stronger sense of ownership and better decision-making. Every week, each team shares an update with the whole company over email. Every month, we share key financial information, product updates, and strategy at our all hands meeting.

Few meetings

We have as few scheduled meetings as possible. We replace them with quick chats, spontaneous idea-sharing and long bursts of productivity.

Work-life balance

We believe that happy, balanced people who have time for their families and hobbies make for more productive employees. Death marches and constantly working weekends are an unsustainable way of life. To achieve work-life balance, we do a few things well and prioritize what really matters.

Always evolving

Our processes and working style evolve as our team grows. At any point, anyone can suggest a way to improve how we do things.