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  • Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin
    Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin
    Roll your dough to the exact thickness called for in recipes for phyllo pastry, pie crust, pizza dough, lasagna sheets, cookies and more. Simply attach one of three included sets of discs to the pin for rolling thicknesses of 3/8", 1/4" and 1/16". Adjustable rolling height removes the guesswork when rolling dough. Rolls incredibly evenly for uniform thickness throughout. Locking handles on the pin's ends screw in easily and ensure the discs stay firmly attached to pin while rolling. The barrel is made of beautifully grained, solid beech wood; handles and discs are polypropylene. Measurements etched into the barrel help you roll sheets of dough to exact widths. Remove the discs for a traditional baker's style rolling pin.
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